We dont have many flying rules and those we have are there to make your flying safe and trouble free.

clarenza field diagram small


Do not fly past western edge of runway

See diagram.

Exceptions: Landing and touch and Go's

Fast low passes are to be done 10 metres west of runway.


Model must be restrained when starting (ic) or arming battery (electric) and
must be started and taxied from the STARTING AREA (pits), NOT from the cars. Propellers should be facing away from cars when starting.

You may have a friend hold model or use a mechanical restraint (preferred).


Height Limit STRICTLY 600 ft (183 metres)

We are close to Grafton Airport so this is important.


There must be 2 responsible adults present when flying at the field

One person must monitor the radio at all times to listen for approaching aircraft.

This is a CASA requirement due to the closeness to the airport. It is also a safety rule so one person is available to render help in case of accident.


Cut Engine or remove battery a soon as model reaches the taxiway after landing

This is so there are no planes taxiing towards the pits and modelers working there.


If you are last at the field it is your responsibility to replace the electric fence around the runway and activate it

Instructions for fence are on container door.


Close and lock the Toilet and the Container