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Our field at Clarenza is owned by one of our members, Scott Short and his brothers.

It was first looked at as a possible field in June 2013 and the first flying day was on 10th November 2013.


west view


Looking west from about where our pilot box is now

north view

Looking West along the future runway

south view

Looking South along future runway

As you can see we had a lot of work to do to develop this cow paddock to a model airfield. Lots of clumps of Paramatta grass to dig out and then level.

In the time between June and November the field was developed to a stage where flying was possible.


Runway is almost level and is regrassing slowly


Our members pose for photo on our first day's flying at Clarenza Field

During 2014 the field was levelled further, a toilet installed, a roof was put on the container and a water tank was hooked up. Unfortunately in early 2015 we had a LOT of rain and the cattle discovered they liked our mowed strip. It was a disaster


Our strip after being trashed by cows.

They ruined our runway and a lot of work was then done to get the runway useable again, including top dressing and rolling, regrassing, and most importantly an electric fence was installed to keep the bovines off our precious strip of grass.

Of course we then had no more rain and regrassing has taken an age. One of our members, Athol Felton, spent hours transplanting and watering grass to try and get the bare bits covered. Being a bush block we have no access to water and have to wait for rain to get the grass growing.

By mid 2016 our runway is at last well on the way to being the way we want it. The Electric Fence has worked and now has been upgraded to have two rows of tape to make sure the cattle are kept off it.

taxiway west

The taxiway and strip with dropped electric fence

We have inserted pipes into the ground so the star pickets holding the fence can be easily lifted out and laid down for flying.

strip looking north

Looking north along our runway

strip looking south

Looking south...The old mower holds the electric fence unit and solar cell.

pilots box

The pilots box