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RFDS day.

4 years 5 months ago #32 by wrongroad
wrongroad created the topic: RFDS day.
G'day all GMAC members,
I would like to personally thank all those who helped out at the RFDS day. There are many and I do not wish to insult anyone by missing them by name but I must thank Athol and Lorna who got stuck in after circumstance prevented Simon and Coleen from operating the BBQ.
We had very late notice and under the circumstance, totally understandable. The good news is that all is well and Coleen's daughter, Sam, has welcomed a brand new baby boy to the world.
I was very impressed by the total cooperation of all the pilots at the event. There simply was no argument at about how we would going about the starting and shut down. I thank all for your understanding and compliance.
It was a shame to see Bryan's fly baby go down. Well, I did not see it happen but I did see the result. She may be beyond a rebuild.
Scott P was great with his 3D flying and received a generous round of applause each time he flew. It was well deserved indeed.
I hope everyone had a great time because I most certainly did and I saw plenty of smiles on the faces of the spectators.
Many indicated to me that they would be back.
And we have one more member. That alone makes the whole thing worth while.
To all who helped even in just a small way, I thank you sincerely.

Regards and respect

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3 years 5 months ago #78 by wrongroad
wrongroad replied the topic: RFDS day.
G'day GMACers,
It is hard to believe that twelve months have gone by and another RFDS day has rolled on by.
The 2017 version was another successful day with the weather being kind to us after raining all day on Saturday.
Once again, I want to thank all those who helped out over the two days and special praise must go to those who are not club members but did a lot of work to help out.
I personally thanked many who helped out and was told every time 'but I didn't do much!'
Trust me, that little bit of 'not much' is a huge help in the big picture.
To the pilots who put their skills and models on the line, thank you and to those who entertained the crowd with some big oops moments, sorry for your loss. But it was appreciated by the crowd.
And speaking of the crowd. I think around two hundred in and out through out the day. At one point, cars were parked over one hundred metres down to the south, Awesome turn out.
While we may not have made a fortune dollar wise, the fortune we received via great public relations was priceless.
Once again, thank you all.
Regards and respect

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