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20% Waco Resurection

2 years 9 months ago #70 by brace
brace created the topic: 20% Waco Resurection
Well it has taken a few months and a lot of that has been head scratching as well as gathering materials. Made good progress when we had that week of rain.
Still a way to go but making good progress considering where I started from after the crash. Next is to do the covering on the fuse and lower wing (it too has been repaired) and then repair the fibreglass cowl and wheel pants before finally fitting out the plane.
It will still be a few more weeks but looking good so far. One of the biggest problems was getting the firewall in the right place and orientation and the other was keeping the model straight. Both proved to be taxing but when I put the lower wing on to line up the holding bolts I measured the wing tips to a common point on the rudder and only 4mm out, good enough for my work.

Flying is learning how to throw yourself at the ground and miss.

With more experience, you will learn how to land properly, which is something you will almost certainly screw up, and screw up badly, on your first attempt.

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